Careers in Government publishes original article Does your Welcome Wagon have a Flat Tire?

In his latest article on Careers in Government, Brian Sooy asks "Do you want to positively brand your city or town, and influence the business-friendly perception of your municipality or region?"

Read "Does your Welcome Wagon have a Flat Tire?" and decide if your city's welcome wagon or place brand has a flat tire.

"Start by introducing yourself, and just saying hello. Welcome new businesses into your community as you would like to be welcomed yourself."

Published August 4, 2015, this article encourages civic leaders and city officials to "Walk the talk. Every day, millions of businesses have to prove to their customers that their words align with their values, and their actions align with their words. Your city has to prove its value every day to the businesses who chose to do business there. Show them, don’t just tell them. Do business the way the business community does. Nurture trust, earn respect."