Brian Sooy Invited to Speak at the 2015 National Humanities Conference

Brian Sooy's presentation is based on principles from "Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto," an inspirational and practical nonprofit marketing guide that helps nonprofits develop branding, communications, fundraising and marketing strategy.

As the National Endowment for the Humanities turns 50, state humanities councils will gather in St. Louis in November 2015 to celebrate and explore the theme of Innovation.

The conference theme, Innovate, encourages the councils to take stock of innovation in their community, reflect on current challenges, and develop creative solutions to them. The conference aims not only to facilitate innovation but to embody it.

Humanities organizations effectively raise their voice when they nurture a culture of communication. Sooy's presentation will explore how four dimensions of communication align a state council’s purpose, character, culture, and voice—in order to create a culture of innovation.

High-performing nonprofits need to be innovative in the manner in which they choose to communicate. They must seek ways to disrupt the expectations of supporters, surprise and delight funders, and illuminate the outcomes of their work to new audiences.

Sooy's branding agency, Aespire, guided the Wyoming Humanities Council through a rebranding and positioning process following the principles that will be shared in this presentation. That process lead to the breakthrough positioning for the humanities council, Think WY, and the new domain name,

Sooy will challenge the State Humanities Councils to consider: How can nonprofits achieve innovation? By thinking strategically, thinking beyond branding, designing with purpose, and putting communications first. For any council, strategic design connects message and mission with members and advocates.

To register and review the complete schedule, visit the National Humanities Conference 2015 web site.


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